Price Comparison as a Service

Add price comparison services to your existing customer value chain and start comparing Telco, Energy, Streaming TV, Credit/Debit cards and Car Insurance offers.

Our main features

Easily integrate our customizable products, track all performance and increase your sales.

Plug&Play Integration

With our Plug&Play APIs or iFrame, integrating our technology requires up to 45 minutes


Understand the performance of your widget through your Analytics dashboard. Views, Clicks, users’ behaviour and much more.


Building and maintaining plans database is not sexy. All our services give access to daily-updated and comprehensive plans DB.


For each sector and country we provide accurate algorithms to select and identify the right plans for our customers’ users.


If you need only the infrastructure (plans database and algorithms), don’t worry. We can provide you with only the library to integrate in your environment and let you managing the look&feel of your project.

Our solution

Who and how we can help

Price comparison company

Open a new vertical without increasing your development and operative cost

Content website

Increase by 35% your click-through-rate and optimize revenues with your existing affiliation marketing platforms

Online real estate

UK and Australia are already familiar with the concept. Add info about broadband, energy and insurance related to the target house


You have services to make your customers saving on bills. You could be a retailer bank that wants to embrace the open banking or an energy consumption optimization solution that wants to add also the pricing optimization. You can boost your sales or improve customer engagement by providing pricing optimization services

Direct marketing company

If GDPR made a bit complex the impressive contacts DB you manage, starting the journey of a price comparison website looks a great idea. Start with us and in max 20 days you are live with your project

Our numbers

You won't see our brand around but many people use our technology daily


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Our clients

Trusted by market leaders around the world

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